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Playing TH Call Of Duty, a killing game on Mini Games 123!

Serve your duty as a sniper to kill all terrorists. Equip your weapon and click to start right away

Shooting games are games which test your ranged weapon skills, from shooting bow and arrows to shooting guns. We have a variety of different shooting games from shooting practise in the training grounds or shooting in the battlefield in our army games! Or maybe you want to relax and shoot a water pistol, we have tons of shooting games which everyone will enjoy!

TH Call Of Duty is a flash game and Adobe Flash Player is required to play this game, as well as most of our games on Mini Games 123. Flash player is a browser addon which allows you to play flash games, videos and applications which require flash player. Thousands of websites require flash player to play their games or use their website correctly. If you're having problems with TH Call Of Duty not displaying correctly please try updating your version of flash version or contact us with any questions and we may be able to help!

How to play TH Call Of Duty

Mouse to shoot your score will increase by 100 each time you kill an enemy and plus 50 when headshot