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Playing Angry King, a timing game on Mini Games 123!

The angry king has arrived in flash version. Help the king to get as far as he can on the rotating wheels, but don't fall as it's back to the beginning you go and the king will be more than angry!

Our fun games are filled with addicting upgrades, challenges or sillyness, we have tons of fun games to play such as our sandbox games where you can simply play however you want to building things and descroying them too!

This game requires a skillful player as some levels may be challenging for new players! Put your skills to the test with our range of puzzles, challenges, quizes and strategic games and improve your gaming skills!

How to play Angry King

Controls are mentioned in the how to screen. most importantly don't forget, if a wheel is too far, you are able to jump twice. by click again after the first jump.