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Playing Sonic Rush Adventure Flash, a 3d game on Mini Games 123!

this is a great sonic game, live out all of the sonic skills from driving to runnung to jumping, sonic is our all time favorite hero

Find and collect items in this game, lookout for the collectables as they can be anywhere throughout the game! Some games used collectables to upgrade your character, stats or gameplay and other games require the collectable items to be found to progress to the next level! Find the collectables in this game and you may even be rewarded with achievements and unlockable items!

Sonic Rush Adventure Flash is a flash game and Adobe Flash Player is required to play this game, as well as most of our games on Mini Games 123. Flash player is a browser addon which allows you to play flash games, videos and applications which require flash player. Thousands of websites require flash player to play their games or use their website correctly. If you're having problems with Sonic Rush Adventure Flash not displaying correctly please try updating your version of flash version or contact us with any questions and we may be able to help!

Our fun games are filled with addicting upgrades, challenges or sillyness, we have tons of fun games to play such as our sandbox games where you can simply play however you want to building things and descroying them too!

How to play Sonic Rush Adventure Flash

click the mouse to start moving forward, and move your mouse to steer the waterbike. move left and right to avoid enemies and collect rings.

ramp trick
ride over the ramp and perform a trick by tracing the trick markers in the direction it guides you with the mouse.

successfully performing tricks will fill up your boost gauge in the upper right corner of the bottom screen.

use your boost energy to speed up the waterbike by clicking the mouse twice or by holding down the space key to maintain speed. note that you can also use boost to knock out the enemies that stand in your way.

collect more coins - build up more boost power!